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Anonymous asked: "Apiarius" is the Latin word for beekeeper. "Peuenesea" is the name for Pevensey, in Sussex. Together those words contain "Priapus" (Giant Cock God of Cockness), "Venus" (Goddess of Teh Sex), and wait for it... "Anus". Straight Sherlock can therefore NEVER retire to Sussex to become a beekeeper. The BBC will change this, right? Where should he retire to do straight things? --- p.s. Dinner? My friend Jonathan knows a place that serves great Irish babies.


Your message is arousing enough to induce priapism in me if I were male. I can only hope that the BBC is tolerant enough of heterosexuality to let Sherlock live a lifestyle like Hugh Hefner well into old age.

We are led to treat heterosexuality and homosexuality as sharply opposed categories of persons when in reality both heterosexual and homosexual respones and behaviour are to some extent experienced by everybody in their life. […] The role of stereotypes is […] to make fast, firm and seperate what is in reality fluid and much closer to the norm than the dominant value system cares to admit.

Richard Dyer, 16, “The Role of Stereotypes” in The Matter of Images 
1 day ago on 04/15/14 at 10:03pm


i rly hate how problematic sherlock is???????? like it’s so much less progressive than the typical mainstream tv show????????? ugh i srsly wish it was more like family guy or bad teacher b/c those shows aren’t as gross



here,have some more old tweets

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and then there is the crying.



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Now you can say Lee autographed your blog.

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Meanwhile on a plane to Toronto…

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wiggling your ears while wearing headphones feels funny

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